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Kiki Valdes with PALO! Recap

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Kiki Valdes/Palo! at S.O.B.'s Recap:

It was a great time getting to paint to the sounds of the band PALO!. When I got word that my friends were gonna be in NYC from Miami playing at the legenary S.O.B.'s I couldn't resist and get involved somehow. I've done about 4 or 5 shows with PALO! since 2002. So, when we get together it is a great treat and a rare and special event.


PALO! overall has matured so much as a unit. I was blown away by everyone in the band and how they come together and make true music come alive. I am thankful that the painting I did that night sold within the first 20 minutes that I started painting.

Check out the video, it was actually shot with iphone footage. Not bad. Thank you to all my good friends that came out. You know who you are. I love you.