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Plans begin with a Drawing

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One of the many things I've learned about being a painter is that the more I can make my paintings look like my drawings the better. For me personally, there's something raw about drawing in pencil, pen, ink or colored pencils. Often times it can be a bit diffcult to translate that into a truly successful painting. It comes down to drawing more, painting more and observing more. It even comes down to the sort of brushes to use. 
It's all one continual art project. It never ends. The truest form of art is what you put down on paper because often times it's not the final plan. At times we can divert from those tall stacks of used paper; it's often very raw we think, too real. A gallery owner once told me "I like your drawings, why don't your paintings look like your drawings?" It made me think, for one that maybe I'm not doing good enough of a job translating my sketches into paintings. Am I catching that true enegry? He was not giving advice per se, but it reaffirmed my belief in what I was working toward. Art projects are a lifetime, it continues and continues.