Miami artist. Cartoonist at heart, painter by reputation. 
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Keep looking up even when looking down Can you deliver?
"A Pensive Moment in a Cloud"
acrylic on canvas 
17" x 21" 2024
"A little match. A little sugar"
acrylic on canvas 
17" x 21"2024
I've been having a little fun lately working small scale. These are two of them that I recently finished up. The themes of cigar smoking and hot coffee is going strong. I never quite know when the next thing will come that I want to paint. Sometimes, I have to push myself to try something new. Other times, like now I have to force myself to stay on the same thing and new discoveries are born. 
  There comes a little bit of discipline, I just want to (at times) completely go in a different direction and go all the way abstract. I want to cause chaos on the canvas, and I push myself back because going that path is not always necessary or the best way to say exactly what I what to express in the work. There's a time for it tho, now is not one of those times. There's always an obscure line between pulling in the viewer in or overlooking them where the work becomes uninteresting. It's a push and pull and staying on a theme and what comes from it to know where to go next.